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Looking To build Greenhouse – Here are the Do’s and Dont’s

When somebody searches for the word green house in a search engine, it is understood that either they are plant lovers or they are planning to grow crops on their own. Green houses play a role in maintaining the ecological balance of the world and is good for the environment. One may also use it to raise vegetables and fruits for their own consumption. Whatever may be the reason, if you are on your way to invest some money to build a green house here are some do’s and don’ts.

Do’s in Greenhouse
If you are a first time green house farmer, then it is better to get good knowledge by attending sessions on it or by browsing through websites about green housing.
It is better for a first time investor to start small. If one is happy with it then he can expand the existing one. Though you may have a big ground, it is better to try it with a small area.
Understand the region and construct one based on
 If you live in a cold region, then it is better to have an insulated area for your green house. The warmth that is present inside must not escape out. At the same time, the chillness that prevails outside must not disturb the growth of the plants.
 If one lives in a hotter region, the green house can be used as a shady area for growing plants.
 If one lives in a snowy or rainy area, the construction of the greenhouse must be such that the water must not get stagnated on the roof and must drain completely.
The location where you construct your greenhouse is important.
Construct one in a place where your house will receive the maximum sun light. South and southwest are the best position to construct doors and windows in a greenhouse.
When the heat is too much, it may even burn up your plants, so have proper ventilation.
In summer, it is better to use a shade cloth and in winter you can have oscillating fans to avoid diseases and cold spots

Keep track of the temperature in the greenhouse. The plants must have enough warmth and note that it must not be too warm or cold inside.
If it is not a small green house, try to have shelves or separate area to store your goods like new saplings, tools, containers, seeds and other important stuff you may need.
Pests are killers of plants. If you find one on a plant, remove it from the greenhouse so that other plants do not get affected by it.
Hard work and dedication goes a long way in maintaining the green house.

Don’t s
Do not purchase low quality materials to construct your green house just because it goes beyond your budget. It may lead to a total damage of the crops. So make sure to construct a well equipped and properly insulated and ventilated one.

Water is important for growth of plants. Don’t forget to have a provision in your green house for that. At least the green house must be near to water source such that you can connect a hose to it.

Certain green house kits come with UV protected sheets. Do not forget to place the UV protected side outside the green house as it protects from UV damage.

Do not forget to insure your green house.
At times you need to protect your crops from outside animals. So, do not forget to keep the green house closed. If you forget it, then the animals will have great feast on your crops.

Importance of green house is to protect the crops from extreme conditions, but at times you need enough heating and cooling inside the greenhouse apart from the natural warmth. So do not forget to install a proper heater or a cooler as per the condition.

As the water is important so are the wastes. Do not forget to dispose the water and other materials properly. When the water gets stagnated more than required, it may even destroy the crops. Make way to drain the excess water.
Last but not the least, do not forget to water your plants and provide proper nutrients.

If you are very serious about building a green house, then give attention to the above points.

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